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  Taman Bukit Mulia, Selangor | Pet Grooming

Can also work at 68000 Ampang

>20 Completed Bookings
2 Repeated Customers
5 Repeated Bookings

>20 Completed Bookings

2 Repeated Customers

5 Repeated Bookings

 Taman Bukit Mulia, Selangor | Pet Grooming Can also work at 68000 Ampang

Greetings animal lover !
I’m Alia Husna and I am based in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ampang.
I am an animal lover and I love cats-dogs the most.
I could spend the entire day just to play with them & even sleep with them.
Updated : August 2020

I have 2 cats, Mochi & Baby.
Mochi (2 years old) is a mixed Persian longhair.
Baby (3 years old) is a gray Tabby cat.

I used to have Asian Leopard Cats called Kiara(female) & Kovu(male) ; adopted them as newborns in May 2017 and managed to take care of them until MCO 2020.
My family & I have contacted Perhilitan & decided to give them up for better lives.

Throughout the years of taking care of the ALCs, Kiara have been giving birth for a total of 6-7 times. Approximately twice a year. Out of all the newborns she gave birth to, we managed to save 2.
“Gegirl” from Kiara’s first labor (2018), fed the newborn with Kitten Milk Replacer (PETLAC/PetAg) from day 1 until she’s 7-8 months old & she went missing unfortunately.

“Leo” (August 2019) Kiara’s second last labor, also been taking care of it since day 1 until MCO 2020. Kiara & Kovu along with Leo were all given away to Perhilitan.

**In case you’re wondering, all of the other newborns of Kiara didn’t make it alive due to a lot of reasons and one of them is having Kiara/Kovu eaten the newborn alive.**

After everything, I am glad to say that I am an experienced cat-person and I have tons of experiences in taking care of any type of cats of any age, regardless of the behavior, could be wild / timid, with proper meals everyday and providing them endless affection and attention, including monthly medical checkups.

I’d do anything for the sake of animals especially cats!
I am able to provide 100% attention & care towards any type of animals.

Feel free to keep me informed of all the things or your worries that needed to be taken care of & how you wanted me to handle your pets as I’ll be glad to help and do everything that I can <3


• Grooming :

I am a self trained cat groomer & I’ve experienced grooming a lot of cats. I have all the grooming tools including ear cleaning solution, brush, shampoo + flea shampoo, sleeky cotton buds (for dogs+cats), nail clipper & etc.

• Boarding (Glass room aka Cat House) :

I have been taking care of other people’s cats for a while now. Ever since we have given up Kiara, Kovu & Leo to Perhilitan, the glass room that we had specially built for them is now empty & reinvigorated specially for Boarding service for cat owners out there ! The space was built with parts of glass wall where cats can enjoy beautiful view of the nature while being indoor. Worry not, the room was also built with ventilator & ceiling fan !

• Pet-Sitting :

I have been visiting cat owners’ houses for a while and did the tasks given according to their preference such as cleaning up the litter boxes, refilling the cat food, giving daily treats for the furry babies & etc. Don’t worry, I am a trusted pet-sitter you could ask for ! I don’t do overnight, only visits daily. For the visit, I usually bring my sister or mum along and they will wait in the car to ensure my safety while I do the job/task given. What makes my service more convincing is that I take a lot of pictures and videos when I’m doing the work, for the before and after and after I’m done, pet-owners will always be notified every visit.

• Taxi (Grab service for Cats/Dogs/Pets) :

I am 24 years old and I have been driving for 4 years now. Going out of the states, going to classes (university) and being the driver of my family. I love driving and I’ll be happy to provide taxi service for pet owners whenever they wanted to bring their pets for vet checkup / re-home / etc.
I love taking care & handle animals (especially cats) as much as I love them ! Not even a second is tiring/boring when it comes to dealing with those cute creatures. I can guarantee your pets will be going back home contented

Skills and qualifications

Behavioral modificationsBehavioral modifications
Some veterinary experienceSome veterinary experience
Basic understanding of how to manage and care for petBasic understanding of how to manage and care for pet
Skill to administer medicationsSkill to administer medications
Able to recognise subtle signs of a problemAble to recognise subtle signs of a problem
Experience in trainingExperience in training
Grooming certificateGrooming certificate

Other skills

I would say my special skill is that I am not afraid of wild behavior of pets :) I can totally deal with it & I am so used to having cats scratch so it is totally fine !

Resident Pets


About Squeaky Clean Grooming !


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Repeated Customers


Repeated Bookings











Online Test

Online Test

Online Test

Sitter Intro


I’m good at keeping pets nice & clean especially cats ! I’ll be happy to work on your pets and deal with their behaviors !

My grooming service includes all basics of grooming such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, shampoo + (flea shampoo upon request), oral care & 99.9% dry.
I don’t provide haircuts.

Feel free let me know what exactly do you want me to do according to your preference.

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


Accepted Pet Types


Last minute bookings.



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26 Reviews


January 2021

PetBacker Verified
Alia very friendly and she really did a good job! My Little sweetheart felt calm n sleep peacefully after the session and smell good!


January 2021

PetBacker Verified
Terbaik.. Mantap.. Service baik.. Kucing pun fresh & wangi.. Akan hantar lagi utk next round.. Terima Kasih..


January 2021

PetBacker Verified
She is humble & understand my situation She also send my cat Lucky safely at the vet clinic


January 2021

Sent my cats to her & she groomed it well! despite of having 1 aggressive cat of mine, she manage to do it patiently young, and friendly


January 2021

PetBacker Verified
Alia took a good care of my cat woodyy, played with him everyday and make sure he's well taken care off. Will use her service more!

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    Alia has 2 repeated customers with 42 completed bookings. One of the latest verified review left by a satisfied Pet Owner is: "Alia very friendly and she really did a good job! My Little sweetheart felt calm n sleep peacefully after the session and smell good!"
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