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PetBacker Sponsor

Pet care providers who have subscribed to PetBacker Sponsor subscriptions enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your PetBacker Sponsor money will be spent back on advertising for your area to increase traffic to your listing, and increase job leads to you! Potential customers are also more likely to find you on search engines like Google.
  • Get a "PetBacker Sponsor" badge on your profile which gives users more confidence in the dedication of the Pet Service Providers and proof of credits (either has registered a bank account or credit card)
  • Create additional listings for your other services or branches.
  • List your services in more than one location, or to schedule sitting jobs in multiple locations when travelling
  • Get 200 credits to respond to jobs that have reached the maximum of 5 responses.
  • Get special discount vouchers that you can offer to pet owners to book only you, it will not be valid for use with other Backers
  • Exchange credits for merchandise like collars, T-shirts, pet toys and more via our newsletter.

Coming Soon! NEW benefits for PetBacker Sponsor :

  • A pop up in the pet owner's chat informing that they are chatting with a Sponsor Backer, which is more trusted, have better facilities and care for pets.
  • Job assignment priority to Sponsor's first.

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