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In future if there is late pickup, you can ask owner for half day care extension. It help you in your profile with one extra repeated guest, and one extra job completed. Secondly.in the event there is a real case where parent didn't turn up, we will go through the abandoned and adoption process. However, we only kickstart the process after 48 hours to wait for the parents.

We will provide daily allowance for food up to 30 nights. The allowance is $1/day for pet sitters in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. For all other countries the allowance will be $0.50/day. This applies only to Pet Boarding jobs.

We will also run an adoption program by posting on Facebook, Instagram and ads worth $30 for the month. However, it is your choice to send them to a pet shelter for adoption, we however strongly do not recommend it as is better to find a home for them with our effort.

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